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Our Community

Our people and the community around us are the key players in our sustainability vision.

Our aspiration is that our employees build long-term fulfilling careers at SBPM.


As a part of the community in the areas we operate in, we believe in playing our part to help uplift the community through infrastructural and social projects that benefit those around us.


Social Labour Plan

SBPM has a specific Social Labour Plan (SLP) and Mining Charter community socio-economic development objectives.

We create value by investing in health and educational infrastructure in our community.


At SBPM, we encourage all our employees to prioritise safety, to always wear PEE and to encourage each other to be safe.


Change your mindset , Shintsha Ngqondo

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Covid 19

Guideline for the compilation of a mandatory code of practice for the mitigation and management of covid-19 outbreak.

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