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A career out of the ordinary

SBPM is no ordinary mining company. It's never business as usual, deep below the earth, and counting the minutes to home time. It's a place where you can make a difference. Because what we do at SBPM matters. We shape the industry, the communities around us and the world. You'll find work that is challenging, relationships that are rewarding and constant opportunities to and grow. Which means you can expect a career that is extraordinary.

Creating Value

An Inclusive Culture

 We know culture eats strategy for breakfast. It's what inspires you to keep coming to work and makes you feel part of something bigger. At SBPM, we're a community at heart.

Our Promise

Our promise to our employees is to ensure a work environment and culture unlike any other. A space where we all feel like family with equal opportunities to grow. 

Value and Growth for you

We all would like to grow in our careers and at SBPM we place that at the centre of our business. Be it growing our employees or our surrounding communities, we’re fully committed to elevating to greater heights.

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Mining Beyond Ordinary

When you join SBPM, you can expect more than just a salary and basic benefits. We believe our people give their all and in return, we're committed to looking after our people and creating a great work experience that is rewarding on every level.


Follow the link below to view our current openings.

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