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Ground-breaking 5-year wage agreement between Siyanda Bakgatla Platinum Mine, AMCU and NUM

Updated: 6 days ago

Siyanda Bakgatla Platinum Mine (SBPM) has negotiated a historic wage agreement with AMCU and NUM for the period, 1 March 202 to 28 February 2027. This was signed

two and half months before the previous three-year agreement was due to lapse. SBPM Executive for Sustainable Development, Hope Tyira, “Thanks to our strong and mature

relationships with our workers and their representatives, we have a long-term contract which will benefit all our employees. Having certainty about our wage bill for the

next five years allows us to plan and secure the sustainability of our mine as we create wealth for all our stakeholders.” He adds, “I believe both unions signing such an agreement is a first in the mining industry in South Africa!”

SBPM enjoys sound employee relations, based in part on the share participation scheme, which ensures that employees own 7.3% of the mine while the host communities own 27% through a trust. Tyira notes that it is important that these two key stakeholders participate in the value added by SBPM. He says, “they are part owners and are committed to ensuring the long-term.

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